Testimonials: Coaches


Testimonials from coaches who have benefited from The Racket Bracket

"The Racket Bracket is a no-brainer - a must for the tennis teaching professional or student who wants to experience the "feel" of the correct alignment of the hand and racquet of either the forehand or backhand.  It is easy to use and take on the court with you.  Students love the kinesthetic feedback the Racket Bracket provides them.  The usual comment is "Oh, that is what you have been telling me to do!"

Ken DeHart: 
Director of Tennis SJSRC
PTR Master Pro
USPTA Master Pro
USA High Performance Coach
PTR Pro of the Year

“The Racket Bracket is a great invention that helps understand and get used to the modern tennis strokes, espescially the windshield wiper topspin groundstrokes on both sides, and to learn to lock the wrists on the volley.  It has helped all the students I have used it with, from beginner to advanced level.  It has cleaned up my topspin forehand as well, which sometimes suffers from giving lessons.  I truly recommend it for everyone.”

Oscar Wegner: TennisTeacher.com

"I've had the pleasure of playing tennis my whole life and at the highest level as a professional and never before seen as effective a teaching device as The Racket Bracket. The Racket Bracket is such a unique tool in building good fundamentals for young players as well as fixing bad habits for older players. I recommend it for anyone who wants to learn the CORRECT fundamentals of the game."

Ellis Ferreira: former world #1 doubles player & Grand Slams winner
"I have tried many training devices but The Racket Bracket is one of the few that actually works. I particularly use it with 2.5 & 3.0 level players to improve their net game because it does not allow them to drop their wrist, therefore teaching them to bend their knees. With 3.5 & 4.0 players, it helps them add topspin.

Murray Lilly: Director of Tennis, Kiwi Tennis Club, Indian Harbor Beach, Florida.
“The Racket Bracket is the ultimate training aid that teaching pros should incorporate into the lesson program for all beginners and intermediate players. The Racket Bracket definitely blocks incorrect wrist movements and teaches the wrist to be firm on the strokes and volleys which in turn forces the students to improve their footwork and get in proper position to hit the ball. The saying "you can't teach old dogs new tricks" doesn't apply here. Congratulations on a great product.”

Gil White: Inventor of Pro Racket Plates & former Canadian National over 40 and 45 champion & #8 in the world in 1998 over 40.
"I love the Racket Bracket. It is rare that a player comes hitting the ball at the right contact point. What took me months in training them to hit farther out now takes days. The instant feedback of the Racket Bracket is great. I don't even have to say anything."

Eric Arrington: Eastern Arizona College Head Tennis Coach
"As a tennis coach at every level for over 30 years, the Racket Bracket is the best training tool I have ever seen. It provides one the feel and stroke technique that most coaches try to teach students but often have limited success. The Racket Bracket teaches the correct muscle memory which in turn produces the kind of fundamentals needed to reach one`s potential. It teaches the most critical fundamentals by forcing one to get in proper position as well as assisting in wrist and racket position in both ground strokes and volleys. Not only is it worth every cent but will also help correct some of the flaws most tennis players have developed thru many years of improper training. I wish I had this device to assist in my coaching years ago as it is truly astonishing."

Coach Dale Short: former head coach of Middle Tennessee State
"I've always been a big believer in constraints as a teaching tool to help players develop proper feel as tennis is not an intellectual endeavor the way writing an essay is or learning theory. The Racket Bracket is great for doing the major things that it claims to be able to do. It makes people "move their feet" to get the racket into optimum contact zone versus using their wrists to compensate and never understanding the importance of a contact zone. I plan on making a lot of use with it for all levels of players. Great job with the product."

Peter Burgess: Tennis Canada & Australia Certified Instructor
"The Racket Bracket really is amazing. It helps me a lot to teach all the different strokes. I see beginners learn faster with the Racket Bracket and it also helps the advanced players get better. I showed it to a colleague who was a former touring ATP player and he loved it. He wanted to buy it from me but of course I didn't sell it. Thanks for making our teaching work much easier."

Jose Carlos Pimentel Jr: Tennis Coach, Brazil
"That moment of silent admiration, smiling, almost giddy......when professionals witness something that is a truly unique breakthrough in their field. That's what happens when we first demonstrated the Racket Bracket at our Club."

Gary Kiyonaga, USPTA P-1 Sammamish Tennis Club Issaquah, Washington
"The Racket Bracket is an absolute must have for every teaching professional. After experimenting with other teaching tools, the "bracket" is easily the best teaching tool on the market!"

Randy Ardenfriend, Longboat Key Club and Resort, Longboat Key, Florida
"I am a Tennis Australia accredited "Club Professional" Coach. I have used the Racket Bracket with a 15 year old student of mine and found it very useful in teaching proper rotation and feel for the shot. It is extra useful for volley feel."

Jeremy Edwards, Tennis Australia Teaching Professional, South Australia
"The Racket Bracket is a fantastic training device. It allows players to translate my words and actions into the correct "feel" of the stroke. Players of all levels will benefit and so will you as a coach. In my opinion, it is a "must have" training tool".

Eric Steidlmayer: UC San Diego Head Coach/ San Diego Male Coach of the Year 2004 / ITA Western Region Coach of the Year 2003, 2006 and 2007
"The Racket Bracket is very likely to be the best tennis training aid yet to be invented. In surprisingly short practice sessions, it will benefit beginners to advanced players to correct and solidify their fundamental strokes. Furthermore, the Racket Bracket will challenge one's whole body to be involved in one's stroke. In collaboration with one's brain, it produces better footwork, encourages stepping into the ball, and requires positional adjustments and shoulder/hip rotations that otherwise could be cheated by an incorrect use of the wrist. This is more than enough to make one say: I should have it in my bag."

Emil Mihet: Former NCAA All American & Assistant Coach of UC San Diego Women's Tennis
"This is what I have been preaching all this time! I have the words, LOCK IT, LEAVE IT... meaning your wrist on my web site. I am always trying to find a way to tape the students wrist. This is a great idea and is working well for my clients to feel exactly what I mean!"

David Schwartz: USPTA, USPTR & USRSA Certified
"Keeping your wrist firm at impact is one of the keys to successful ground strokes and volleys. The Racket Bracket prevents the wrist from breaking at impact allowing for a more controlled stroke on backhands and volleys"

Paul Tobin: SlingHopper Inc. President, USPTA & USPTR
"I hate that thing, BUT I LOVE THE RESULTS!!! My students hate to use them but after they do, without fail, they use the muscle memory and don't use their wrist!"

Tony Johnson: USPTA Professional
"The RacketBracket did a great job in the efforts to bring the Juniors to have smooth swings. It really controls the wrist-action during the backswing and it allows players to correctly execute the "windshield wiper action" with the forearm and NOT with the wrist. It has been a great help."

Jorg Gysel: Rosshousern Switzerland, Swiss Tennis Association Tennis Instructor