Tennis Equipment Tips

  • How to Choose a Racket:

All rackets are not the sameFinding a racket that suits you can be a major part of improving your game, and with today’s new options the wealth of possibilities can be more than a little confusing with variations in strings material, string tension, gauge, and grips. There are three major areas that you need to know when choosing a racket, weight of the racket, head size, and grip size. Once you decide on the weight of the racket, the next step is to figure out whether you want a head heavy, balance, or head light racket. The second area to focus on is head size which is the area of the racket head. There are mid size, midplus, and oversize to choose from. Lastly, make sure you choose the right grip size. The best method is to demo several different rackets. Most tennis shop will let you demo rackets for free.

  • How to Grip a Tennis Racket:

The Racket Bracket will ensure the proper contact point and the next question is how to grip a tennis racket. The following diagram on how to grip a tennis racket, shows the different grip formats.