Now Endorsed by Tracy Austin

Read "Is Your Brain Hard-Wired to Hit a Tennis Ball Incorrectly" by Dr. Keith Coleman in May 2009 issue (pg 14) of USPTA's ADDvantage Magazine and find out how The Racket Bracket will help improve your game.

The Racket Bracket is a breakthrough in tennis training aids because it creates instant results. This patented device works by stabilizing the wrist and blocking incorrect wrist movements during volleys and groundstrokes.

The fundamental aspect of tennis is the ability to move your body around the court in such a way so you can strike the ball at a consistent contact point for each stroke. This leads to consistent swing path which is essential for building the accuracy and consistency needed to raise your level of play. The inherent difficulty with achieving this fundamental aspect of tennis is the players' ability to use the wrist to adjust to variable contact points. We naturally will use our feet only to move near the ball and use the wrist to make the final adjustments as to where we make contact. Ideally, the player needs to make those precise adjustments with feet so they don't have to adjust the wrist. The Racket Bracket is the only tennis training aid on the market that truly trains the wrist to make the correct movement.

The Racket Bracket will train you to NOT use the natural ability of your wrist, which will ultimately help you optimize your level of accuracy when hitting the ball. By blocking incorrect wrist movement, players naturally have to use their feet to move to and through the contact point. Once the player is trained to inherently move the feet to the contact point, rather than the wrist, the player will have the foundation to raise the level of their game.

The Racket Bracket vs. Wrist Assist