About Us

The Racket Bracket was co-invented by Vincent Darmohusodo and Joseph Cohen. Vince is a former collegiate tennis player of UC San Diego and a USPTA certified tennis instructor in San Diego, CA. Joe is an engineer who has worked in the biotech industry for the past 12 years. Vince and Joe met while working together at a San Diego based biotech company and have played tennis with each other for the past 6 years. During those 6 years, Vince beat Joe fairly regularly, despite Vince's best attempts to coach Joe. 

Finally, Vince explained to Joe the fundamentals of the tennis swing and it got them thinking about a way to block bad habits and bring out the proper tennis swing technique. They co-designed The Racket Bracket and the rest is history. The Racket Bracket is the first of many tennis training devices that they plan to bring to the market. Joe’s Testimonial: "I had spent the last 15 years of my life focusing on fixing my swing but no matter how much I practiced I only experienced minimal improvement in my game. The problem was that I had poor fundamentals, where I used my upper body strength to generate most of my power and my wrist to adjust to different contact points. The first time we prototyped "The Racket Bracket", I soon realized that my footwork was extremely poor because I could hardly hit a single ball over the net. "The Racket Bracket" blocked my ability to execute my comfortable bad habits. I soon found myself intently focused on positioning myself in such a way that I could step into the ball at a constant contact point. My legs were killing me after only about 15 minutes of practice because I was not used to moving them so much. Now my practices are way more productive and my level of play has gone up drastically".